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Telecoms Estate Reporting
(Call Logging)

Call logging is the technology that you can use to discover how your organisation is actually using its telecommunications network. We have experience helping companies large and small, national or global to optimise how they use, charge and what they pay for their communications services.

  • Analyse your capacity; achieve just the right balance.
  • Assess your staff usage and performance; are they making the best use of the system and meeting KPIs?
  • Verify costs and compare tariffs in 'what if' scenarios.
  • Internally re-charge system costs.

What Is Call Logging?

Both traditional and new VoIP (Voice over IP) PBX telephone systems are capable of generating a log of all incoming, outgoing and internal phone calls made and received by connected extensions. Call logging or call management gives you the tools to collect this data, analyse it, translate what it means and discover the impact that it has on your business.

Our Call Logging Solution

Our Eclipse Call Management Software (CMS) has a number of key benefits that address real issues. Eclipse CMS has an extensive feature list that makes it one of the more powerful call management applications available on the market. It has been deployed in virtually every country in the world and serves Government departments, mobile operators, multi-nationals and small businesses. Naturally we are tried and tested on all major switches from AvayaCisco, Nortel, Mitel, Microsoft and Siemens.

What Can Call Logging Do For Your Business?

Sales & Marketing - Call management can track the inbound phone response from marketing campaigns, review the performance of outbound telemarketers and analyse the cost of any outbound phone activity.

Operators, Call Centers and Support Helpdesks - Monitor the time it takes for customer calls to be answered, review how many calls are being handled and the length of each call. Discover when service demand peaks and schedule staff accordingly.

Finance & Accounts - Compare carrier billing against logged calls to ensure accuracy, identify areas where call costs are excessive and/or need to be reduced and ensure that only the required number of trunks are in service. Correctly apportion phone costs to the right cost centres.

IT & Telecoms - Accurately answer questions regarding the grade of service being provided to users. On VoIP systems, access Quality of Service (QoS) and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) data. Track down unused extensions and verify that trunks and IP gateways have enough bandwidth for demand.

All Departments - As part of staff/customer/supplier disputes, trace calls as verification of claims made by the parties involved. Monitor employee usage of the company phone system. Where account codes are in use, accurately bill the customer for calls made and received on their behalf.