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Eclipse CMS
Add-on Modules

Enhance the functionality of your Eclipse CMS call logging system further with a range of add-on modules.

  • Tackle phone fraud, staff misuse and KPI failures; the SwitchGuard exception alerts module will notify you
  • Measure VoIP performance on Avaya, Cisco & Mitel systems with QoS reporting
  • Create logical reporting structures for your organisation, as opposed to physical hardware with Logical Sites
  • Treat the reporting of calls by a cluster of PBXs as if they were a single unit with the Clustering module


Want to know instantly when a particular event happens on your voice switch? Switchguard can send you notifications for exceptional events such as out of hours calls, excessive call usage, tandem calls and any other event you need to know about. For more information, read our extended information on telecoms fraud and exception reporting.

Download Datasheet

Learn more about the use case scenarios for SwitchGuard; the Eclipse CMS module designed to alert you to suspicious, exceptional or fraudulent events on your telecoms network.

Web Reporting

Give your users an intuitive and easy to use way of generating their own reports. Or a web based archive of reports that have already been generated by the system, ready for instant viewing.

Web Management Suite

A collection of web based tools that enable Eclipse CMS administrators to identify any issues in the collecting and converting of data for use in reports. Ideal for large installations or those offering the software as a service.

Mobile Bill Integration

Eclipse CMS will allow you to import your electronic mobile phone bill as a data source and report on outgoing mobile phone calls alongside your fixed line extensions.

Mobile bill integration extends the fixed line reporting capabilities to mobiles:

  • Report to budget holders. Produce reports so that costs can be recharged against different departments.
  • Can you make any cost savings? Are your mobile phone users making non-business related phone calls or calling premium rate numbers like directory enquiries.
  • Capacity. Identify the mobile phone users with the highest or lowest usage or cost.
  • Compare. Try mobile calls against alternative tariffs to ensure that you are getting the best deal.
  • Negotiate the best contracts with mobile carriers by reporting on number of minutes used and frequently dialled numbers.

Thank you so much for all the hard work that has been put into the Eclipse CMS mobile bill integration. It is so easy for us to import the mobile bill and automatically send copies to the budget holders. This will make life so much easier as we already use Eclipse CMS to recharge. The import of the bill is so simple. All we have to do is copy the file into the directory and the call logger data collection does the rest.

Matthew Craughwell, Deputy Telecoms Systems Manager, City University London

How It Works

We currently support electronic bills from Vodafone, EE (Orange) or O2. If you use an alternative carrier, please contact us and we will investigate whether the data can be imported.

The mobile bill file is copied into a directory monitored by Eclipse CMS and subsequently imported. The following information is then made available in Eclipse CMS reporting.

  • Cost centre or account code
  • Mobile phone number (instead of extension)
  • Date of call
  • Time of call
  • Number dialled
  • Call duration
  • Call cost

Logical Sites

Designed for use in Cisco VoIP environments where the Unified Communications Manager controls calls from multiple locations but only provides one CDR output. Logical Sites enables you to reproduce a structure within Eclipse CMS that logically reflects how you view your infrastructure and report on it. For more, read more on our Cisco PBX Integration.

Cluster Sites

In Mitel environments with clusters of 3300s or SX2000s, each generating their own CDR feed, Eclipse CMS is able to treat the entire cluster as if it were a single voice switch. Enabling you to run reports on calls from start to finish, even if they were handled by different controllers in the cluster.

Account Code Reporting

Used extensively in the legal profession, account codes are dialled before phone numbers to assign billable hours to clients. Eclipse CMS can distinguish the account code digits and produce reports that show the calls made for each client.

Ericsson DNA Import

Imports departments and extensions from Ericsson DNA into Eclipse CMS. You can maintain extensions and departments in DNA and keep Eclipse CMS up to date with any changes.

Data Integrity Alarm Module

Used in conjunction with live conversion, DIAS generates an alarm when call segments have not been successfully created within a specified time period.