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PBX Estate Management

Exploit the full functionality of your communications investment to maximise its return for your business. With our years of telephony experience, we can help you in the management of your PBX estate. Whether it is to:

  • Help secure access to your PBX to reduce the risk of hacking
  • Monitor the PBX for potentially disruptive alarm conditions
  • Authenticate engineer level access to manage PBX configuration
  • Integrate specific software with advanced PBX feature sets

Secure PBX Access

TDM Telephony

In the traditional telecoms world, most PBXs have maintenance console ports for administration. Remote access for vendors needing to do remote maintenance is provided by a simple modem and username/password combination. At least some steps should have been taken to change the username/password from its system default. 

This type of setup invites war-dialling hackers to attempt entry on the PBX, setup backdoor accounts and run blackmarket businesses offering cheap call rates at an organisation's expense.  Our Tracker products can help to add security and provide both in-band and out-of-band management.

  • Two-Factor Authentication Modems - the Tracker 2720/2730 series are modems with a twist. Each modem is uniquely coded with a certificate and password. Only matched modem groups may connect with each other. All other calls are dropped.
  • Tracker Management Platform - for extra flexibility, the 274x series,  2750 and 2800 provide an extensible platform for heterogeneous environments. In addition to the option of two-factor authentication as above, these Trackers can detect the CLI of calling numbers. Additionally, the Tracker can be used as a serial console server to allow firewall-protected network access through to the PBX.

Modern Network Telephony

Modern telephony uses the ubiquitous network and web technology to administer individual systems. The problem now is the proliferation of shared privileged accounts for access. Who has been given access to your PBX? What changes are they making? What have you revealed about your network topology in giving them access?

We can help in two ways:

  • Tracker Management Platform - the 274x series, 2750 and 2800 can be used to provide both in-band and out-of-band access to the PBX. You can configure the Tracker as a gateway to a VLAN so that you separate your voice and data networks. The Tracker is also capable of acting as a VPN endpoint.
  • Privilege - the Privilege software is designed to help manage privileged user accounts. It proxies the connections between the PBX and your engineers and audits their activity. Engineers can be forced to login at different privilege levels or even have their access window timed to a specific length of time.

Monitoring PBX Alarms

Our Tracker platform is capable of receiving PBX event alarms. Applications can be custom-created to filter alarms and reduce the burden placed on network bandwidth. Alarms can be monitored until a combination of factors occurs and then the Tracker is capable of generating its own alarm; one that indicates the severity of the new alarm situation.

Alarms can be transmitted to Eclipse AMS, which will colour-code alarms for display and enable automated engineer dispatch. Using the Tracker and Eclipse AMS in this way enables you to verify receipt of alarm conditions, unlike SNMP which is send and forget. Learn More

Manage Engineer Access

Engineers require different levels of access depending on their training and experience if malicious or accidental changes are to be avoided. Utilising the Tracker, engineers are not presented with a command line but with a menu of choices. The menu restricts the engineer to the administration areas assigned by the Super Administrator.

Utilising Privilege, engineer access can be managed from a central location. User accounts are created on the PBX suitable for different levels of administration. These are securely stored in the Privilege database. Engineers are added through Active Directory or directly into Privilege and assigned into the group that uses the appropriate PBX user account. Privilege takes care of how the connection to the PBX is made and which user account it logs on with.

Avaya Solutions For Call Recording & Call Management

Integrate your call recording or call management more tightly with your Avaya Communication Manager and IP Office.

Data Track solutions will help you to monitor, manage and report on the performance and effectiveness of your Avaya voice network.

Call Management For Avaya

Our call logging capabilities mean that you can report on the performance and capacity of your Avaya voice network. CMS has been compliance tested as fully compatible with CS1000 7.5.

Learn More

Call Recording For Avaya Communication Manager

VPI has been delivering incredible performance on Avaya platforms for over 12 years, through the development of tightly integrated systems. 

Learn More

Cisco Integration For QoS/MoS reporting, Call Manager SNMP Capture & Seamless Voice Call Recording

Data Track is a Cisco Technology Developer Partner. Our solutions help organisations to enhance their Cisco systems to proactively improve the customer experience and meet the strategic objectives of the business.

Data Track solutions will help you to monitor, manage and report on the performance and effectiveness of your Cisco voice network.

Call Management For Cisco

Our call logging capabilities mean that you can report on the performance and capacity of your Cisco voice network, including Quality of Service MOS scores.

Learn More

Call Recording For Cisco UCC Express and UCC Enterprise

Our Cisco call recording and quality monitoring solutions are Cisco Certified and fully integrate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager platforms for both Cisco UCC Enterprise and UCC Express environments.

Learn More

Microsoft Lync Server Integration

Wherever your MS Lync Server database is hosted, Eclipse CMS will be able to collect the data from it. The software will proactively interrogate the MS Lync Server database to retrieve the call information required for reporting. Data can also be collected from third party Session Border Controllers (SBC), giving you a consolidated view of your traffic.

Eclipse CMS does not delete any records from the MS Lync database, so there will be no conflicts with other applications that may need access to the data.

Logically Defining Sites

Microsoft Lync, like other Unified Communication platforms, can have gateways in multiple locations and provides just one CDR output. This can cause billing issues for hosted IP telephony providers and managed offices who want to charge different rates to different clients or for enterprises who wish to charge for network usage. Eclipse CMS solves these problems by enabling you to set up profiles to reflect how you logically use the switch, enabling you to accurately charge users/customers how you want to.

Download Datasheet

View the datasheet to learn more about using the Eclipse CMS call management application with Microsoft Lync Server.

Mitel & Data Track; Working in Harmony To Create Competitive Advantage

Data Track has invested heavily in the Mitel relationship, resulting in the development of advanced Call Management and tightly integrated Call Recording solutions.

"Data Track Technology is a long-standing partner of Mitel, offering comprehensive integration with our market leading IP Communication solutions. Mitel's customers have been delighted with the products, service and support from Data Track and we look forward to developing our partnership to offer further benefits for our joint customers."

Graham Bevington , EMEA Managing Director, Mitel Networks

Data Track has had a long-standing partnership with Mitel for many years, working closely with sales, operations and product development. Data Track has invested heavily in our relationship with Mitel and as a result are able to deliver far more advanced call management and call recording solutions.

Mitel Specific Call Management features include:

  • Ops Man Import
  • PBX Clustering
  • Mitel Call Trace
  • QoS Reporting
  • Learn More

Advanced Mitel Call Recording

  • Secure recording integration on the Mitel 3300 ICP platform
  • Tight Mitel MiTAI and Inter-Tel OAI integration for advanced Mitel call recording
  • Unmatched flexibility in integrations and customisation
  • Comprehensive open architecture, unified platform, interface and file formats
  • Learn More

Find People With SuperDirectory On The Mitel 5550 IP Console

Enable your operators and staff to find people quickly with the seamless integration of SuperDirectory into the Mitel 5550 IP Console or Superconsole 2000. SuperDirectory places the most pertinent information about your workforce at your fingertips.

Learn More

PBX Alarm Management For Mitel

Capture and filter PBX alarms from your SX2000 or 3300 voice network against user-defined rules before forwarding to your alarm management software.

Learn More

Change The Clock Time On Your Mitel PBX Automatically

Accurate reporting relies on you Mitel SX2000 or 3300 knowing the correct time that a call started and stopped. Manually checking clocks on a large number of switches and performing the twice yearly daylight savings update is a tedious process. We can automate it for you.

Each 3300 ICP or SX2000 can have its clock synchronised with an NTP server on the local network or on the Internet. The application uses a location offset to ensure that local time is used and can be scheduled to run at certain times so ensuring that daylight saving is automatically updated twice a year.