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PBX Alarm Management

The PBX is a critical component in your organisation's - or your customer's - communications. Data Track provides everything you need to remotely access, manage and pro-actively monitor IP and TDM PBX environments. Merge alarm output from multi-vendor estates into a single reporting platform with guaranteed alarm delivery and automated problem resolution.

  • Deliver complete access to the PBX from any location
  • Reduce downtime, decrease costs and increase business productivity
  • Filter nuisance alarms so that only critical PBX alarms make it through
  • Offer value-added services

Pro-active PBX Alarm Monitoring

Real-time alarm management is key to ensuring high availability of your business-critical voice network. PBX alarms come with varying degrees of urgency and importance. You need to know which PBX alarms need to be fixed immediately and which alarms you should schedule.

Data Track's PBX alarm monitoring platform is both model- and vendor-independent. Instead of using different protocols and systems developed by each PBX vendor, alarms from managed PBXs can be reported via a single system.

Our Tracker appliance is capable of connecting to a PBX via the maintenance console port or IP network connection. The Tracker's security features ensure that access to the PBX is restricted to authorised users only for maintenance operations.

The Tracker is able to process maintenance, serial and SNMP alarms from all the major PBX vendors, including Alcatel, Avaya, Ericsson, Mitel, Nortel and Siemens. Additionally, external alarms such as temperature and humidity that have an effect on the PBX can be monitored by the Tracker. Alarms can be forwarded immediately or filtered through a series of rules so that nuisance alarms are removed and only critical alarms are passed through.

PBX alarms can be sent by the Tracker over an IP network or re-routed over a dial-up link if preferred or during network outages to ensure continuous monitoring. The Tracker has full support for SNMP and can convert non-SNMP alarms into traps ready to be sent to your network management system. When used in conjunction with our alarm management software, alarms can be relayed directly to engineers via email or SMS.

Automated problem-resolution is also possible. Because alarm messages are continuously monitored, they could trigger a more pro-active response from the Tracker. The nature of the response is set by the user but could include the Tracker logging into the PBX to change a setting, using the control relays to activate another piece of equipment or using a power controller to perform a remote reboot cycle.

Data Track's PBX alarm management enables you to cost-effectively implement alarm monitoring and offer value-added services to your customers. It utilises the best in remote access technology to quickly diagnose and immediately correct common maintenance issues.