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Call Logging Reporting For Cisco UCM

Measure, report & alert on cost, performance & the utilisation of capacity.

Eclipse CMS is approved by Cisco for advanced management information, reporting, analytics, trend analysis and exception event alerts (fraud/abuse), covering:

  • Billing and re-billing by cost centre, department, sites or customers
  • Voice circuits; SIP, MPLS, ISDN & DEL
  • Fixed rental and variable call costs with mobile bill integration
  • QoS, operator response, utilisation, gateway reporting

Cisco Call Analytics & Reporting

Understand you Cisco telephony usage better than before with Eclipse CMS. Reports can be produced when you need them through a user friendly web interface. Or you can configure reports to be run automatically and delivered to your inbox and the inbox of your co-workers in common formats, such as PDF or Excel.

Download Datasheet

View the datasheet to learn more about our capabilities with the Cisco voice platform.

Quality of Service Reports

Introducing Cisco IP telephony brings many advantages but you need to ensure that your network quality does not impair performance. Our Eclipse Call Management Software (CMS) can produce reports that show you VoIP call quality. It identifies latency, jitter, lost packets and provides a Mean Opinion Score (MOS). This information can identify problem times and can be mapped against traffic carried in the period to help you ensure that your network provides your customers and users with the quality they need.

Capacity Management Reporting

You can use our call management software to measure traffic at each gateway or trunk group and produce grade of service reports that clearly show you if your capacity matches your demand. Use this information to ensure that your system is running efficiently to meet current demand and future requirements.

Performance Monitoring

Are your incoming calls being answered efficiently by all departments? Do your customers get a good response from your sales and after sales service teams or do they give up in frustration? We can help you identify problem areas and ensure that you are giving good service to your callers, which reflects on your company image.

Call Costing Reports

The sophisticated reporting engine in Eclipse CMS accurately costs calls to one thousandth of a second. It can produce hundreds of reports to enable you to see how extensions or cost centres are performing against budget. You can produce billing reports, compare carrier costs, search for calls to or from certain numbers, produce trend graphs and more.


Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Call Manager and Call Manager Express) provides voice, video, mobility and presence services for businesses with up to 30,000 users. It is a scalable, distributable and highly available enterprise-class IP telephony call-processing system.

The Eclipse Call Management Software (CMS) is the most powerful and sophisticated software tool available for the management of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

We all need to reduce the time spent on system administration and ensure that data is as up to date and accurate as possible. Our call management software can import moves and changes information directly from your Cisco Unified Communications Manager or through an Enterprise LDAP directory. Any administrative changes on the Cisco network can be reflected in the software. This provides one point of change that will increase efficiency, save you time and reduce your costs.

Logical Sites

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager controls calls from multiple locations and provides just one call data output. This can bring many benefits but can cause problems in call reporting under certain circumstances.

  • An enterprise may wish to charge individual extensions and departments for calls across the network on a usage basis.
  • It can cause billing issues for hosted IP telephony providers and managed offices who want to charge different rates to different clients.
  • A department store, airport or shopping centre may wish to charge franchisees at different rates for the same type of call.
  • A hosted voice provider may wish to charge different customers at different rates.
  • A customer may wish to know what the inter-site traffic is.
  • A customer may simply wish to run the same site based reports as they have always done.

Our call management software solves these problems by enabling you to set up profiles to reflect how you logically use the switch, enabling you to accurately charge users/customers how you want to.