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Capacity, Utilisation &
QoS Monitoring

Monitoring your telecoms capacity and utilisation, and implementing traffic management on your infrastructure, enables better planning for services - considerations for potential upgrades and expansion. We can help to monitor all types of services; SIP, ISDN or DEL circuits, internal MPLS routing, VoIP capacity & QoS.

  • Monitor or set alerts based on overflow calls
  • Monitor capacity of internal on-net calls
  • Ensure sufficient staffing & monitor call response times
  • Set alerts to breaches in KPIs
  • Add costs for service rentals and call tariffs

Report On Your Telecoms Usage

Call management isn't just about working out the cost of your calls. With our Eclipse CMS call logging system, you can obtain the business intelligence that will assist you in optimising the availability and performance of your telecoms network.

Capacity Planning

Ensure that your infrastructure is correctly sized for the people using it. Use this information to ensure that your system is running efficiently and can meet current demand and future requirements.

  • Measure the traffic at each gateway or trunk group and accurately answer questions regarding the grade of service being provided to users.
  • Ensure that only the required number of trunks are in service.
  • On VoIP systems, access Quality of Service (QoS) and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) data. Track down unused extensions and verify that trunks and IP gateways have enough bandwidth for demand.

Operational Performance

Assess performance against specific internal KPIs for people & departments.

  • Track the inbound phone response from marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor the time it takes for customer calls to be answered by operators or support desks.
  • Review how many calls are being handled and the length of each call.
  • Discover when service demand peaks and schedule staff accordingly.
  • Review the performance of outbound telemarketers and analyse the cost of any outbound phone activity.
  • Ensure enough capacity of agents and lines for peak calling periods.
  • As part of staff/customer/supplier disputes, trace calls as verification of claims made by the parties involved.
  • Monitor employee usage of the company phone system.