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Call Billing & Accounting

We are able to help in a number of areas related to call billing, re-billing, cost-centre billing, itemised -, mobile and fixed-line billing and accounting.

  • CDR collection, processing and rating
  • Internal and 3rd party call accounting
  • Telecoms billing and call rating
  • In-room guest billing (hospitality)
  • Tariff management

If you need billing or rating on voice services, we've got you covered.

Call Accounting

Monitor expenditure and allocate departmental/cost centre charges correctly

When it comes to your telecoms, our Eclipse CMS software will enable you to report on departmental costs. You will be able to attribute costs based on your business structure. ICT costs can be internally recharged by the business.

You can provide a summary or detailed spend report with further breakdown to groups within a cost centre or department.

Charge costs back to customers

Associate telecoms spend with particular customers, projects or 3rd parties such as contractors, based on agent ID, extension or account code. Eclipse CMS will enable you to charge for your time and produce a customer report of your activity.

Gain visibility of your mobile spend

Our Eclipse CMS (Call Management System) can import your electronic mobile phone bills, allowing you to analyse mobile phone users within your organisation and build a full fixed and mobile cost, usage and performance picture.

Tariff management

Do you know if your organisation is on the best phone tariffs for the calls you make? Eclipse CMS can help you find out for sure by running comparisons with calls and finding the tariffs that are a perfect match for your business.

Hospitality & In Room Guest Billing

We have a dedicated team of experts delivering a managed in-room guest billing solution specifically for hospitality and managed-office customers. This cloud-based service offers:

  • Call rating and uplift call costs
  • Itemised customer bill
  • Mediatation data between different systems (PBX and front of house system)
  • Management information on usage
  • Dedicated support