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Network Operator /
Carrier Solutions

Taking on the challenge of managing a customer's communication network is a great way for network operators and carriers to expand a service offering. But it leaves you grappling with administering multi-vendor equipment, together with collecting and processing data from a variety of sources, leading to complex billing issues and the potential for breaches in service level agreements. We can help with:

  • Telecoms Expense Management
  • Call data manipulation for accurate customer billing
  • CPE secure remote administration 

What We Can Do For You

Data Track has been working with Network Operators, Carriers, System Integrators and Service Providers for many years, successfully addressing their needs by helping to improve performance, reduce costs and - most importantly - increase revenues.

Our services have been deployed in every country that has a British presence, and our portfolio comprises onsite, hosted and outsourced solutions. We have onsite staff at a number of organisations.

Telecoms Expense Management - If you are managing your customer's entire communications network, ensure the accuracy of services and tariffs being supplied. We can reconcile invoices and identify whether the bill for services is current with the services that are actually being provided.

Accurate Billing - We can collect, rate and uplift call data and mediate between systems to enable you to accurately bill your customers for services they have taken from you.

Call Data Manipulation - Getting data out of one system and into another sometimes requires additional processing and manipulation by middleware. We have a platform that is ideal for handling this data, together with the development expertise to write or help you to write customised solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Remote Administration - How do you manage customer premises equipment (CPE) without sending engineers to site all the time? How do you enforce the high security demanded by customers who are acutely aware of the danger that hacking attempts do to business reputation? We have solutions to cover a number of remote administration issues.

  • Use gateways to separate equipment from customer networks and thereby increase security.
  • Out-of-band (modem) access for emergency access or as a fallback method.
  • Centrally manage equipment passwords and tightly control engineer access.
  • Reliably monitor equipment for alarm events.
  • Automate equipment fault fix and routine tasks.
  • Remotely power-cycle equipment.