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Value-Added Reseller
& Service Provider Solutions

VARs & Service Providers need to deliver services quickly & cost effectively, adhering to security concerns, SLAs and commercial terms. Data Track can add value by delivering solutions for:

  • Secure remote connectivity and administration (inc. Off-Net/M2M).
  • Control of privileged identities - shared user accounts and passwords.
  • Device monitoring; SNMP, digital contact & ASCII serial alarms.
  • Billing & re-billing with dial-through fraud monitoring.
  • Environmental monitoring for SLA management.

What We Can Do For You

Data Track has been working with Operators, System Integrators and Service Providers for many years, successfully addressing their needs by helping to improve performance, reduce costs and - most importantly - increase revenues.

Our services have been deployed in every country that has a British presence, and our portfolio comprises onsite, hosted and outsourced solutions. We have onsite staff at a number of organisations.

Additionally, we have a full portfolio of revenue-generating solutions based on either capital or recurring-revenue business models.

Remote Service Delivery

Our versatile Tracker Remote Nodes provide the perfect platform for the integration of extra services and support.

Connectivity: Connect any type of device to your network that you need to remotely access and manage. The Tracker platform flexibly supports common interfaces, such as serial, modem, Ethernet and closed contacts (for door switches, alarms, relays and other devices with on/off states).

Secure Remote Access: Protect your equipment with additional layers of routing, firewall, username/passwords and functionality restrictions. Trackers supplement existing network connectivity, such as a VPN. They also provides direct modem connectivity for very remote sites or for backup communications. Our two-factor authentication modem provides the most secure dial-up connection that you can find on the market. Trackers have been approved by CESG (GCHQ).

Remote Services: The Tracker is a platform to provide enhanced proactive services. We have developed applications for monitoring (including SNMP alarm monitoring), data collection, task automation and environmental monitoring.

Remote Power Management: Why send a man-in-a-van to site just to re-boot a hung device. It’s costly and reduces SLA response times. Used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with other Tracker appliances, the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) enables you to remotely switch power on/off, even in specific sequences.

Accountability & Compliance: Provide your customers with SLAs that assure the highest levels of protection and lessen the risk of a network breach. Our privileged access management software, SAMS, logs all privileged engineer access and centralises the administration of their access rights, giving you documented proof of compliance.

Telecoms Revenue Generation/ Billing

Implement new services to help customers recoup costs, thereby providing new reserves to spend on additional services from you.

Billing: With the ability to collect and analyse Call Data Records (CDRs), we can provide the means to get the necessary data to bill for usage, to rate calls and to provide detailed call management reports.

Expense Management: Our professional service team are able to provide an industry-leading Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) solution to you and your customers. If you are being billed by other operators or providers, we can help check for accuracy, invoice management and inventory auditing. Similarly for your customers, we can help them identity cost-savings to help free up budget that will allow them to reinvest in new technologies.

Voice Fraud: We can help you implement a service to protect your customers from costly voice fraud.