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Utilities Sector Solutions

Industrial control systems have become a target for cyber attacks. Data Track is helping utility companies to secure their IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and reap the cost and efficiency savings of remote access and monitoring.

In particular, we have helped electrical utilities secure substation IEDs and meet the standards for NERC CIP 005 and 007.

  • Connect serial IEDs to the network for remote connectivity.
  • Secure ethernet or PSTN communications using SSH, SFTP or IPSEC VPN tunnelling.
  • Centrally manage shared privileged accounts.
  • Perform passive and active alarm/event management.

Securing Smart Grid Communication

One of the needs for a robust Smart Grid environment, so that utilities can comply with NERC CIP and NIST requirements, is to centralise control over authentication, authorisation, and auditing of system maintenance users. Securing and managing remote maintenance access reduces overall system management costs, simplifies the operations team's processes, and eases the efforts to adhere to security requirements. Data Track's Secure Access solution for utilities reduces the cost of supporting managed devices in the substation, increases the security and accountability of remote maintenance, and offers a platform for new, value-added substation management services.

Since 1979, Data Track Technology has been developing secure voice and data communications management solutions for service providers and enterprises, including electric power utilities. Our team at Data Track can help you comply with the demands of Smart Grid cyber security.

nerc cip substation

Secure maintenance access and event notification 
for SCADA, AMI, VoIP, and other substation TCP/IP traffic

Data Track's Solutions

Secure Remote Access

  • Centralise the management of privileged account access with the SAMS server application click here to find out more
    • Automate password management maintenance
  • Deploy Tracker gateways with "serial server", routing, firewall, and VPN functions click here to find out more
    • Make out-of-band connections with two-factor authentication using AES
    • Connect serial IEDs to the network
  • Generate audit logs and audit analysis reports

Secure Event Notification

  • Send via Tracker "outbound-only" secure modems connected to Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) in substations.
  • Receive via Tracker "inbound-only" secure modems located in the operations centre.
  • Authenticate out-of-band connections with a two-factor method that uses AES.