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Healthcare Sector Solutions

Hospitals and other healthcare practices are able to monitor their voice communications online to analyse usage patterns and to control costs. Our Call Logging Managed Service can deliver reports delivered directly to your inbox. There is no upfront investment or complicated system administration to manage.

  • Using our cloud call logging service, you’re able to monitor the communications on any voice network.
  • Our team of call management specialists handle all of the day-to-day configuration, administration and updates.
  • Leaves more time for you to introduce best practices, cost savings and policy adjustments based on the information we deliver direct to your inbox or that you access online with your browser.

Call Logging Managed Service Benefits

With advanced functionality and a highly-customisable reporting engine, our cloud call logging service can deliver real actionable benefits to your hospital or healthcare organisation. Don’t just take our word for it, 98.5% of customers choose to renew their use of the service.

  • During disputes, confirm the date, time and duration of calls made by, or to health professionals
  • Reclaim unused or under-utilised extensions, trunks and DDIs to recover associated costs
  • Monitor for expensive phone abuse and suspicious usage
  • Simple, clear reporting; work time patterns and extensions grouped according to your needs
  • Monitoring without the hassle; set alerts to notify when thresholds or expectations are met
  • Mobile billing import allows you to report on your mobile calls just like your extensions
  • Perform call cost comparisons between multiple providers and carriers configured for use
  • Create billing reports for different hospital departments
  • Support for account or authorisation (PIN) codes to identify staff and report on personal calls, etc
  • Reports automatically delivered to the Inbox of the recipient who needs it or can be requested online