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Financial Services & Banking

The finance industry is heavily regulated. Our aim is to provide tools to help you meet these regulations for telecommunications and remote site management, and to demonstrate your compliance, while also helping find ways for you to make service improvements that can be delivered to your customers.

  • Securing network infrastructure from malicious intrusion
  • Securing privileged identities and shared accounts
  • Telecoms planning, auditing & expense management
  • Mobile device management
  • Telecoms fraud monitoring
  • FCA & PCI-DSS Call & Screen Recording

Our Capabilities

The Eclipse Call Management System (CMS) is a sophisticated software tool, providing up to date and accurate management information for communications platforms. Key strategic decisions around contact "touchpoints", infrastructure planning and costings can be based on the real-world usage information supplied by Eclipse CMS.

As financial organisations grow and communications become more complex, Eclipse CMS will scale to meet your requirements. Its reporting capabilities can handle environments with mixed PBX technologies, multiple locations, different carriers and assorted local currencies.

Network Planning - measure traffic/call volumes for analysis when planning retail or branch office expansion, or upgrades to your network infrastructure and PBX capacity.

IP Migration Help - Moving to IP-based communications platforms usually means that the model of one PBX per physical location is no longer required. This can upset established processes relying on that model for reporting purposes. Eclipse CMS is able to replicate geographic structures and cost groups with different sets of extensions, and report on them even though the physical device remains the same.

Customer Touch Point Analysis - Eclipse CMS ensures that you can monitor your contact centre "touchpoints", at a department and extension level. This is achieved by measuring the number of inbound and transferred calls, how quickly calls are answered, and the average call duration. Service level improvements are then applied.

Call Costs - Get a detailed and accurate view of expenditure by extension or department. Compare calls via different carriers to ensure best-value service.

Mobile Integration – using your mobile bill, Eclipse CMS can import mobile phone usage and treat it as if it were an extension. This enables you to report on both fixed and mobile usage through a consistent single interface.

Misuse/Fraud Alerts- be alerted to signs of suspicious phone usage and cases of probable phone fraud to keep you ahead of the fraudsters.

Compliance Auditing - use Eclipse CMS in tandem with a call recording system to provide additional reporting on each call's origin or destination, transfer information, typical extension usage, etc.

Controlling Privileged Access To Banking Network Infrastructure

A complex issue in larger finance organisations, such as banks or insurance agencies, is granting the right level of access to a large number of servers, telecoms equipment, network devices, databases, scripts, applications and services at the super user level (admin, root). These users are given very privileged access to systems, with little oversight and accountability.

The main problem is the necessity to share such information among a specific group of users (administrators, suppliers, programmers). The larger the company, the larger the number of accounts, passwords, servers and systems, and therefore safe management without dedicated software becomes infeasible.

To combat the issue, a privileged identity management solution is required in order to provide an audited trail of activity and help enforce the practice of "least privilege" Data Track's SAMS privileged identity management product can:

  • Centrally control and manage access to privileged accounts.
  • Automatically audit and record activity.
  • Protect critical systems by automating processes related to privileged identity management.