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Environmental Monitoring

Monitor the physical conditions at your remote equipment, server or comms room, data centre or radio base station. Environmental conditions have a huge impact on how reliable and long-lived your equipment will be. Bad environmental conditions can reduce the life of components, decrease reliability, and impact SLAs, causing you untold problems and expense.

  • Monitor temperature and humidity
  • Monitor digital contacts; door, window and smoke alarms
  • Monitor serial devices pro-actively or passively
  • Alarms raised if conditions move outside set thresholds
  • Alarms delivered by SMS, email or SNMP

Monitoring Environmental Conditions

It is vitally important to monitor the environment of systems that are critical to the operation of your business. Data Track's environmental monitoring package will do just that.

Our system monitors the temperature and humidity of your equipment room. You will be alerted if either the temperature or the humidity levels are not maintained within predetermined safe values. The alarm could be delivered via SMS or emailed directly to an administrator or duty engineer. Alternatively, it could be delivered straight into your network operations centre for processing.

The system can store regular readings so that an audit trail of the local environment can be kept. This can be used to check fault occurrences against environmental conditions.

The system can be used not only to guard against equipment failure but also to monitor heating and air conditioning systems. Should these fail out of normal office hours, then an alarm can be raised and action taken to minimise the effect when staff report for work.

If you have a particular environmental condition that you would like to monitor, then please contact us to discuss it further.