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Vendor Access Control

With IT outsourcing rising, the enterprise is seeing an increase in the number of vendor technicians that may require periodic remote access to application servers or network devices. Giving vendors remote access is necessary to keep the infrastructure functioning properly but bad access control can undermine your security and regulatory compliance.

  • Securely manage vendor privileged identities.
  • Single ingress point for more centralised and granular control than provided by VPNs, firewall rules or modems.
  • Audit a vendor's every move with both event logs and session recordings to maintain security compliance.

Vendor Access - Where's The Catch?

Many organisations are choosing to outsource non-strategic aspects of their business because of the financial gains. Hiring a group of experts to be on hand is cheaper than building up the expertise in-house. Real value can be added to the business and long-term business goals made more achievable. For the majority of services, outsourcing usually means providing external parties, such as vendors, remote application developers and specialised contractors, with privileged access to your corporate infrastructure. This can raise the following questions.

  • Who knows how to access my network?
  • Who's accessing it right now?
  • What are they doing?
  • Am I getting the service I signed up for?

Once vendor access is granted to a network, studies have shown that an ‘insider' is more likely to be responsible for infiltration attempts. Organisations need to be watchful of their own staff, as well as those of any external service provider, for either incompetence or harbouring malicious intent.

Meeting The Vendor Access Control Challenge

As a leading developer of vendor access control and remote administration solutions, Data Track is well placed to help you to overcome this challenge and have the best of both worlds.

Standardise Control
Grant and revoke access quickly through a single platform, reducing your administration overheads and ensuring a consistent level of security.

Uncomplicated Setup
Familiar web technology guides vendors through making device connections and supports the connectivity requirements of the majority of infrastructure devices and servers.

Avoid Disputes
Find out who accessed infrastructure devices, when and what actions were taken. Use the information to discover the cause of any dispute and then take steps to resolve the issue.

Verify SLA Agreements
Know exactly what vendors have done (or not done) and verify actions against Service Level Agreements or use the information during contract re-negotiation.

Meet Regulatory Compliance
Demonstrate increased levels of security and an audit trail of activity to satisfy compliance procedures.

Limit Vendor Access
Have the power to allow access to infrastructure devices for only a limited amount of time; beneficial for only short-term contractors or mission-critical systems.

Emergency Access
Ensure that during an outage there are multiple methods of granting a secure remote connection that will result in the quickest possible problem resolution and minimal downtime.

Product Integration
Use in unison with other Data Track network management solutions to tune network performance and efficiency.