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Router Backup & Management

It is typical for a router to get upgraded, swapped out, or crash for a number of reasons. In these situations, to be able to save the costs of a site visit and do the job remotely, it is important to have multiple connection methods to the router and to be able to back up the configuration and IOS.

  • Ensure multiple connectivity options - in-band, out-of-band, ethernet and console port.
  • Store backup configurations and IOS locally so that even low-bandwidth connections will still work.
  • Add power management for remote hard reboots.
  • Automate router health checks and feed into your NOC's alarm/event system.

Remote Router Configuration Backup

Many of the devices that you manage, such as PBXs, routers, servers, IVR's, etc., need to have their configuration backed up at regular intervals. This can be easily overlooked, irregular and given low priority despite being of high importance.

Where devices are remote, this can mean regular site visits to copy the configurations, then returning to a central location to produce the back-up; this takes time and costs money. When the backup is required it is invariably urgent so an unplanned site visit must be made at short notice. This causes a delay in restoring service and can be an expensive exercise.

This common set-up does nothing for companies looking to reduce overhead, emissions and carbon footprint.

What About IP Or Dial-up?

Many IP-based systems perform backups over the data network. This increases bandwidth usage and does not cover the scenario of the router being faulty and the network itself being unavailable. For dial-up based systems, the size of the configuration files and the speed of the connection makes remote backup impractical.

The Solution

Our configuration-backup solution utilises a Tracker Remote Node to automatically back up configuration data to its local flash memory. This backup can be set to run at regular intervals; i.e. daily, weekly or monthly so you are assured of having an up-to-date backup on site when it is required. When a configuration needs to be restored you simply connect to the Tracker and perform a manual restore. This can be done locally or remotely so you can get service restored quickly and easily and at a low cost

You can connect to the Tracker over a secure IP or dial-up connection. The platform gives you the ability to connect multiple devices to the Tracker, which can store gigabytes of configuration data in its non-volatile flash memory. These backups can be transferred to a central location for extra resilience if required at less frequent intervals.

For a maintenance organisation, this will dramatically reduce both your site visits (truck rolls) and costs for providing the service. SLA targets can be met in the event of a failure, or new premium SLA targets introduced.

Our automated configuration backup system will reduce your costs and improve your service. If you wish to know more about how this product could be used in your organisation, then contact us.

  • Value-added service.
  • Auto backup of device configuration.
  • Routers, PBXs, voicemails, IVRs etc.
  • Remotely reload configuration.
  • Reduce system downtime and site visits.