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Phone Fraud Services

Using a Tracker, you can reduce the risk that your business can lose thousands over a single weekend from the threat of phone fraud.

Western Europe is the second largest hot spot for dial-through telecoms fraud. 98% of businesses that get hacked are also hit by dial-through fraud. If you are concerned about the threat of telecoms fraud, you will want our service to set up and configure Tracker Phone Fraud Alerting.

Lessen the risk that your business becomes one of these statistics:

  • £1.2bn is the cost of dial-through fraud in the UK every year.
  • It costs bn globally.
  • Each hack can cost £500 - £1000.
  • IP telephony has significantly increased the risk.

Reduce Risk Of Telephony Fraud

You may have been hit by phone fraud activity in the past or you may have heard about it in the news and are concerned. No matter the reason, we can help you install, set up and configure Data Track's Tracker appliance that will alert you to suspicious activity using its own set of customised rules.

Our professional services consultant will conduct a thorough threat assessment on your communications system and identify your exposure to risk. This will be reported to you and a set of alerts and business processes put in place so that your business is prepared if and when you are hit. Our assessment includes:

  • Consultancy, scope and risk analysis.
  • System setup, installation and configuration.
  • Solution implementation
    • Dial-through fraud
    • Staff misuse
    • Emergency call notification
    • Breach detection
    • Policy development and monitoring
  • Alert setup
  • Testing and acceptance
  • System review and management