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Eclipse CMS Professional Services

Make the most of your call management system by utilising our experts.

  • Do you know the current state of your CMS system?
  • Are you on the latest release?
  • Do you perform system checks?
  • Are your reports aligned to business objectives and KPIs?
  • Are your extensions and trunks configured correctly?
  • Are you under- or over-utilising your trunks?
  • Are your call records being converted correctly?

Strapped For Resource?

Eclipse CMS is a powerful tool that can be used to analyse the performance of your business communications. It will tell you whether you are fulfilling objectives or meeting KPIs and if the system is working efficiently. In order to be accurate, the Eclipse CMS system must be periodically monitored and its configuration updated. It is easy to overlook this when you are focused on higher priority tasks. That is when our professional service can help.

We will help you to maximise your investment in Eclipse CMS:

  • System Audits - to ensure that your Eclipse CMS is aligned with your business requirements.
  • Technology Refresh - if you are moving to a VoIP system or changing servers.
  • New Install - if you are becoming or thinking of becoming a CMS user, we will help you to understand how Eclipse CMS fits into the larger picture of your telephony estate management.

Specifically, we will help you with the following areas. Talk to our professional service team today to discuss your requirements. We are here to help.

  • Collection & conversion
  • Configuration
  • Reporting consultation & configuration
  • Alerting consultation & configuration
  • Revenue & re-billing
  • Cost management
  • Mobile billing integration
  • Migration