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Ways We Can Help

  • Our expertise covers ICT, telecoms and networking, remote site management, administration, auditing and expense management.
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  • We work closely with operators, resellers and industries across different vertical sectors to solve the challenges in their communications networks.
  • Require a custom solution? We're happy to discuss your requirements.

Common Scenarios

We've developed capabilities in our products that really help you make the most of your PBX investment. We'll show you the functionality you can exploit to make your business run smoother.

Streamline user provisioning with centralised access controls to ensure users are given "least privilege" and to comply with security auditing regulations.

Too many endpoint passwords to remember? Sharing passwords on a spreadsheet? Worried about security breaches? We can help.

Is your organisation parrying between the agility and flexibility afforded by managed services and the security risks of providing insider network access to external vendors?

When a remote router goes wrong, you need a reliable out-of-band solution to re-establish connectivity without sending an IT technician to site.

Embedded devices make up a large part of a modern network infrastructure. But what solutions are available to help you remotely administer them effectively?

Need to know about the local environmental conditions - temperature, humidity, door or alarm activation - at a remote site? We can provide the exact solution you need.

Improve the way you deliver SLAs to customers. We can help you to pro actively respond to customer SLA conditions before your customer does.

Are you responsible for the maintenance of network infrastructure on remote customer sites? Reduce the overheads associated with managing those devices.

You can't monitor what you can't measure. Call management, or call logging can tell you how effectively your organisation and its staff are using your telecoms network.

Typically in a modern organisation, information on personnel can be stored in multiple data silos and with only key groups of people given access. We can help unify data into a single corporate directory.

Reduce the IT overhead cost for your mobile devices by more than 50%. Provide a self-service portal that lets employees provision and support their mobile devices without helpdesk intervention.

Are you planning an upgrade to VoIP? Do you know how much capacity to provision? Does its performance compare favourably to the old system? We can help.

Is your telephony reaching full capacity. Do you have too much capacity? Are you at risk from missing that vital call? Want to find the answers?

Do you need to monitor departmental costs? Bill customers accurate for telephony usage? Check that you are on the best tariff? Let us show you how.

Criminal gangs exploit open telephone systems to sell cheap minutes at your expense. Employees abuse employer telephony. We will show you how to protect your business.

If you have questions about how much you pay for telecoms services, or if you are under or over utilising your network, or if you just think there might be a better way. We can help audit your network.

We will help you to plan and implement the best configuration for your Eclipse DQ system. We can help with importing data into Eclipse DQ from third party databases.

After the installation of your Eclipse CMS system, we can provide additional support to ensure that it is configured to provide the business intelligence you need.

Real time alarm management is key to ensuring high availability of your business critical voice network.

It's a fact that telephone fraud costs businesses £1.2bn per year in the UK. But where do you start to try and combat this silent persistent threat?

Real time alarm management is key to ensuring high availability of your business critical voice network.

To help you respond to events on remote infrastructure, we can help to collect device alarms both proactively and passively and arrange delivery of the alarm to your engineers.

Why go to the trouble of running your own call logging/accounting system with the maintenance needed to keep it up to date. We can do all of that and deliver the business intelligence straight to your inbox.

Remote Administration

If you have equipment on remote or customer sites, we can help provide the connectivity, control the security of privileged user access, deliver services and remotely administer devices.

Remote Monitoring

Capture data and other alarms/events from devices at remote locations, either passively or proactively. Perform equipment healthchecks, filter data or automate fault resolution.

Telecoms & Mobile

A range of offerings to audit your comms network, cut costs, plan for future upgrades, track performance, monitor capacity, record conversations and protection from fraud.


Utilise our knowledge and experience with services delivered via the cloud. No more Capex costs or lengthy installations. Just pay for what you need and get results.

Professional Services

Time is a precious resource. Let us help you overcome your auditing or implementation challenge with a range of services that harness our 30 years of knowledge and experience.