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Cloud Call Logging Managed Service

Your communications system is a goldmine of management information about the performance, efficiency and costs involved in your business.

Our call logging service delivers these analytics directly to your inbox or through your browser. We support over 1 million active extensions on behalf of our customers and we have a 98.5% renewal rate.

  • Fully managed pay as you use and as you grow service
  • No training, personnel or licensing required
  • Flexible service offerings to suit your requirements
  • Web-based interface and scheduled reporting functionality

Cloud Based Call Management Information & Analytics

Our cloud based Call Logging Managed Service is a powerful solution for providing meaningful, actionable analysis and management information for any communications platform, including TDM, IP, FMC and hybrid. By partnering with Data Track you will receive the call management information you need, when you need it and without the expense and overhead of running the system yourself. Data Track has many years' experience in providing hosted call management services for enterprises and operators. We currently run over 1 million ports globally and have achieved a 98.5% customer retention rate since service began in 2001.

  • Our call management solution can report and alarm on system capacity, call performance, IP call quality or costs and identify any fraudulent usage by users.
  • Reports are sent to you according to an agreed schedule, and made available online via our Web Report Generator.
  • The hosted call management solution can be seamlessly integrated into your network in a way that is suitable for you.
  • Data Track can also provide professional services to help with more detailed analysis and interpretation of information.

Easy To Use Interface

Our Call Logging Managed Service can be set up to deliver just the information you need, when you need it, directly to you. However, if you don't want to wait around for information to be delivered, or perhaps you need to tweak a couple of report settings, then for that reason, our service comes with a simple to use web portal where you can produce reports on demand.

Watch this video to learn more.

What Analytics Reports Are Available

Download this PDF to discover for yourself the type of cost, capacity and performance based reports that our Call Logging Managed Service can provide.

Call Logging SaaS Features

Call logging is vital if you want to measure how effectively you are dealing with your customers, improve business performance and find opportunities for cost savings. Now you can have the benefits of call logging as a cloud service providing business intelligence for a monthly or annual fee.

Fully Managed

Fully Managed

Our Call Logging service is fully managed. We handle all the setup, mirror your organisational structure (departments, extensions, people), configure your service providers and tariffs and set up your trunks. We advise you of the best method to retrieve your PBX data and start collection. If there are any moves, adds or changes, you just let us know.

Reports Delivered Direct

Reports Delivered Direct

As part of the service, you select a bundle of reports that you want to receive regularly. You can choose to send information to multiple recipients, in a variety of formats, at a frequency suitable for your organisation. We will then email your chosen reports directly to your Inbox.

Choose Reports via the Web Portal

Choose Reports via the Web Portal

There are always times when you need up-to-date copies of a report before the next scheduled delivery, or you need to tweak a couple of filters. Our service includes web portal access that will enable you to produce reports from your bundle on demand.

Support When You Need It

Support When You Need It

Our dedicated in house team of call management specialists will ensure that your system is kept up to date and produces accurate reports. We perform daily checks to ensure that your system is producing accurate data and provide a daily archive for audit purposes. If you have any queries, we are only a phone call away.

Service Requirements

Our hosted service for call loggging can handle multiple environments, such as TDM to IP. We have 100's of integrations including Cisco UCM, Mitel, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel/Lucent and many others.

Data Collection

The service has different options for collecting data. Typically this is via FTP, however we can also collect via dial-up or network. In some scenarios a Tracker remote node is required, in others it is optional. A Tracker is used to buffer and store call data and to FTP Call Detail Records (CDRs) back to our hosting centre. It can route data between serial and IP interfaces, add extra resiliency and security and perform other tasks.