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Tracker Remote Node

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Tracker Remote Node
A Tracker is a product developed by Data Track Technology. It is a rackmount appliance based on the Linux OS. It has been developed as a remote site manager and is very customisable. It can act as a serial console server, data logger, alarm/event manager, environmental monitor and more.


There are a number of models in the Tracker product family.

  • Tracker 2720/30 - A paired set of very secure PSTN modems that enforce two factor authentication for any connection.
  • Tracker 274x - For the budget concious buyer. Models in the 274x range have  different levels of ethernet, serial and digital I/O connectivity.
  • Tracker 2750 - A 19" rackmount device that has slots to enable the expansion of ethernet, serial and digital I/O connectivity.
  • Tracker 2800 - The latest 19" rackmountable remote site manager, featuring more processing power and memory, plus new features such as IPSEC VPN support.
  • Tracker PDU - A switched power distribution unit to remotely control the power state for 6 electrical devices.